Telling Stories that Transcend Time and Space
Telling Stories that Transcend Time and Space

About Us

At Distant Goblin Productions, we endeavor to tell stories that transcend time and space. Stories about characters that may live on a distant planet, and in a distant time, but think and feel, hope and love, struggle and dream as we do. We strive to bring a sense of realism into the science fiction/fantasy genre, and tell stories deeply inspired by the human condition, even if they are not about human characters.

Tom Etlinger (Director, Writer, Producer)

Tom hails from Palos Park, a small suburb of Chicago IL. Tom earned a BA in Theatre from the University of Illinois Chicago, and an MFA in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. Tom has worked in almost every capacity on set and has written, directed, and produced a variety of projects. The most recent of these include Mental, a drama exploring the nature of reality and the power of helping others, Alone in the Dark, a musical fantasy about an abandoned creature, isolated from the world, and his search for love, and The Brute Killer, a short fantasy film, featuring a ten foot tall alien, that explores the nature of hate and the lasting effect it can have even after it's gone.


Josh Cha (Producer, Actor)

Josh grew up in the town of Price, UT.  He received his BS in Theatre from Southern Utah University.  He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking.  Over the course of the last six years Josh has worked for both the Academy Awards and the Emmy's, as well as acted in and crewed for multiple independent film projects.



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