Telling Stories that Transcend Time and Space
Telling Stories that Transcend Time and Space

In Production

We currently have two web series that are in produciton, featuring videos that can be viewed on our youtube page.

The Wacky Adventures of Gibby the Goblinaut in Outer Space

A goblinaut's got to do what a goblinaut's got to do.

Follow Gibby the Goblinaut as he floats through the galaxy confronting the cold loneliness and battling boredom.



Gibby Says

Say what!?!

Sometimes goblinauts say the darnedest things, and now Gibby can say those things to your friends. Help share Gibby's wisdom with the world and use these videos to brighten up someone's day.

In Development

We are currently developing multiple projects including a feature film and several web series. 

Immortal (web series)

A coming of age story about a girl who may never age.

A young girl learns that she will stop aging and live forever, and deals with the consequences of her new found immortality and of attending high school. This is a sci-fi high school drama exploring the courage to continue to pick yourself up when life tears you down.
Season 1 (In development) 10 min episodes


Shadow Land (web series) 

A search for light in a world of darkness.
A Prince of darkness and a warrior of light fall in love, and struggle to be together in an unaccepting world of black and white. This is a highly stylized fantasy that asks if love is strong enough to overcome the resentment and mistrust of the past.
Season 1 (In development) 6 min episodes



A Wizard's Duty (feature film)

A discovery of magic in the least likely of places.
A young wizard who struggles with magic is sent to mediate a peace between the war-torn races of Elves and Dwarves. This is a feature length epic fantasy that follows a young man who discovers that his greatest power stems from compassion, empathy, and the urge to help others.

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